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The Latest UFO List

I like to make lists for a couple of reasons. First of all, if I don’t write it down I usually don’t remember to do it. Secondly, the feeling of accomplishment when I can check things off keeps me highly motivated. One of my favorite lists the last few years has been my UFOs (Un-Finished Objects). It is fun to determine which projects I have on hand and knowing that I’m going to report on them in my blogs throughout the year keeps me accountable to get them completed.

In past years my UFO list has included at least ten projects. This year, however, I have only listed six. Considering that I usually add a few as the year goes along maybe it is OK that I am only starting with six. Two of these projects are for some important family events that are happening this year. Two of them are projects that I have been working on in various stages for several years now. My hope in placing them on this list is that I can make some significant progress on them even if they are not yet completed. One project was a new one that I cut out last year and another is a new one that I discovered in my stash.

When we found out in August that we would be welcoming our first grandchild in March of 2021 I knew that required the construction of a special quilt. And I had the perfect one in mind. A few years ago I was introduced to the awesome paper-pieced patterns designed by Violet Craft. I made an elephant and a unicorn for a customer and have had my eye on the lion ever since. When I found a kit made in a pink and grey color way I knew it would be perfect for our baby girl Opara and her jungle-themed nursery. At this time the top is complete and just needs some custom quilting before it is ready to hang on the nursery wall.

Another important family event this year is the marriage of our youngest daughter in June. I made bed-size quilts for her older sisters when they were married so naturally her upcoming nuptials required one too. She chose a pattern called Interwoven by Lo & Behold Stitchery and requested it in a blue color way. At first glance the pattern looked very doable so I ordered it with little hesitation. Let’s just say that there have been a few challenges with this quilt that I will be documenting in a few upcoming blogs. Not to worry though as I’ve figured it out and have been enjoying the process.

One quilt is a carry-over from my 2020 list - the Flowers for my Wedding Ring pattern by Judi Niemeyer of QuiltWorx. This is a challenging pattern that I have had for a number of years and by placing it on last year’s list I was able to make at least a little progress on it. After organizing the paper pieces and fabrics I am ready to begin stitching.

Another long-time project that I hope to make some progress on this year is Dear Jane. This is a stunning quilt made up of 225 different blocks that was made by Jane A. Stickle in 1863. I have a book by Brenda Manges Papadakis as well as a computer program by The Electric Quilt Company that I am looking forward to working with to help me complete this project. I have made 15 blocks so far so obviously have a long way to go. Additional information on the Dear Jane quilt can be found in a previous blog posted in August 2017.

The final two projects on the 2021 list are my favorite type of quilt - scrappy. I like to make scrappy quilts because it is a great way to use up at least some of my stash and they remind me of the quilts that my grandma made. When I found a pattern called Katie’s Quilt by the Missouri Star Quilt Company I knew that it would be a great scrappy pattern. As a result I dug into my stash and began cutting squares and rectangles. I also cut red, white, and blue fabric so that my Quilts of Valor group could make it too since this pattern includes a star as well as a scrappy 16-patch block. My quilting group’s quilt top is finished and now I just need to start stitching my scrappy quilt.

My other scrappy quilt is an English Paper-Piecing (EPP) project using 1” hexagons that I plan to do with a box of Moda Bake Shop 2 1/2” squares that I inherited from my aunt. The box contains 321 gorgeous green and mauve squares to which I will add 45 additional 2 1/2” coordinating squares from my stash. To make the Trip Around The World pattern that I chose I will include a tone-on-tone fabric in between the rows that will require 575 hexagons. Did you do the math on how many hexagons I will need for the entire quilt? Yes. It is 941! That should keep me plenty busy in the evenings and on road trips. Let’s just hope that we can have some road trips in 2021!

I look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of my projects this year. What do you have on your list to accomplish in 2021? Let’s hope it is a healthy and productive year!

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