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A Delightful Diary

A few years ago I stopped to check out the “free” box at a garage sale. Usually I walk right past that box thinking that the stuff placed in there was more suited for a garbage can and not worth my time. But I hit the jackpot that day when I discovered two brand new grid notebooks in the box. They were just what I needed when I started my quilting business to record customer quilt information - contact info, size of quilt, pantograph/custom pattern, thread choice, etc. The grids make it especially easy to draw out quilting designs. After filling up those two freebies I ordered several from Amazon and continue to use them for the business.

When the pandemic hit in March I found myself tuning into several YouTube quilting videos and again reached for one of my grid notebooks to draw out quilting designs and take notes. These handy notebooks also became the place to record a lot of other things that I do and not a day goes by that I don’t reach for it to write something. As a result I have dubbed it my Covid journal. Here are some important things that I have recorded in 2020.

Quilting designs take up a great deal of the space in my journal. I especially liked following Natalia Bonner’s 365 quilting designs. She posted one 3-5 minute video every day for an entire year demonstrating designs that could be used in shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles. I also noted tips from Lorena who shared ideas on how to long arm quilt an antique quilt, shipping quilts, and her ten favorite tools.

No Covid journal would be complete without the directions on making a mask. Both Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company and Leah Day from Hello My Quilting Friends had video tutorials that I used as patterns. Jenny’s mask features both ties and elastic while Leah’s mask includes a filter and a wire to fit around the wearer’s nose. I also jotted down the directions on how to make a potholder from A Quilting Life and a scalloped bunting from Lori Holt.

This notebook also served to keep track of the assignments that I give my piano students as we navigate the world of virtual learning. While we were able to have a few weeks of in-person lessons when school started in August we have been mostly online since the world shut down in March. We even had a virtual recital in May. Certainly not an ideal situation but definitely better than nothing.

Another seemingly appropriate part of my Covid journal are the pages and pages of Bible verses that I have written. In June a good friend and PEO sister invited me to do a Bible Study with her via text. She sent me a Scripture Writing Plan that she found on Pinterest - I didn’t even know that was a thing! - and we have been corresponding every day since. The verses are centered around a monthly theme such as God’s Promises, Gifts and Blessings, Beating Anxiety, and Encouragement. This has been a great way to start my day.

A couple of pages in my journal were devoted to the 2020 Kansas City Royal’s baseball schedule. I kept track of the game day, opponent, win-loss, score, and record. It was the first opportunity that we had to watch sports since March and it just made life seem at least a little more normal.

Now I’m wondering what kinds of things will fill my journal in 2021. I’m just hoping that my new one won’t be dubbed a “Covid” journal!

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