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My Fabulous Final Four

In the blog dated October 26, 2016, I reported to you on my progress in constructing four of the Row By Rows that I had collected during the summer of 2016 on our travels through Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. Little did I know that it would be a year and a half before I could report on the completion of the last four of these rows. But the time has finally arrived!

The fifth Row comes from Show-Me Quilting in Raytown, Missouri. I purchased a kit for this Row as the colors were so bright and colorful and I did not know if I could replicate it with fabrics from my stash. I used Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 for the many appliqué pieces. It is an awesome product as you can move the pieces around if needed before you press them into place. I mixed up a couple of the grass fabrics in the blocks and, although I usually try to fix all mistakes, this one could not be fixed. As a result, I will just have to live with that error. I’ll probably be the only one who knows the difference anyway -- at least that is what I am hoping!!

The sixth Row was found at Inspired To Sew in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is entitled “Love Thy Neighbor” and requires the maker to choose one of three backgrounds to use — neighborhood of homes in city blocks, a patchwork neighborhood of homes, or neighborhood of homes along a countryside. I chose the countryside background as it best represents where we live. I used fabrics from my stash, but found that I cut way too many of the grey fabrics needed for the background. I used a blanket stitch with thread that matched the houses and continued with that same thread on the contrasting doors.

The seventh Row was the one that took the most time - probably the reason that this project took a year and a half to complete - but it is also one of the neatest. This Row came from Sew Enchanting in Nebraska City and is a paper-pieced replica of Arbor Lodge. There are so many tiny pieces!! I used fabrics from my stash to complete this Row and just happened to run out of the green for one of the trees when I got to the very last piece. Ugh!! Luckily it was a standard piece carried by JoAnn Fabrics, so I was able to purchase the little that I needed. After construction of the Row was complete, I spent a couple of hours removing all of the paper.

The final Row came from Cotton Cabin in Dubuque, Iowa and features a steamboat, evergreen trees, and the Fenelon Place Elevator. The boat and the elevator are appliqued pieces and the trees are flying geese. I used fabrics from my stash to construct this Row, but had to study the pattern in order to determine the amount needed. The construction directions were also a challenge. I found myself referring often to the picture for assistance. I also modified the instructions a bit by using Wonder Under on the pieces that were 1/4” wide just to give them some added stability.

My next task is to put these Rows together with some sashing and a border. Then I will need to decide on some quilting designs. Stay tuned for the completion of this quilt. Then I can work on the Rows that I purchased in the summer of 2017. Hopefully I can accomplish that before the 2018 ones arrive. I really had planned to pass on those until I found out that the theme involved music!

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