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A Mesmerizing Mystery Quilt, Part Two

And the mystery quilt continues....... In week #2 I was able to begin the actual stitching of the quilt top. My first task was to pair the 2 1/2” strips with one light fabric and one dark fabric and stitch them together along the longest edge into a strip set. I then cut each strip set into 4 - 4 1/2” x 8 1/2” rectangles for a total of 66 - two will be left over as I will use 64 in the construction of the blocks. I also cut 6 - 4 1/2” squares which I set aside for another use in the construction of the top. Next I took the rectangles and placed them with the light strip on top. I then placed a background fabric square on top of the right side and used my Angler 2 tool to stitch a diagonal li

A Mesmerizing Mystery Quilt, Part One

So I have embarked on a new quilting adventure by taking part in constructing a mystery quilt that is being sponsored by Quilt Stitches in Beatrice. Normally the quilt shop will release each step of the quilt making process once a month and participants must then come into the store to pick up those instructions. Since these unusual times call for creative measures the store is sending weekly videos of the instructions via email. As a result the quilt will be finished in a matter of weeks rather than months. Two things motivated me to take on this project. The first was a customer who participated in the last Quilt Stitches mystery quilt and it sounded like so much fun. The second was two pa



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