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Dazzling Ways to Display Your Quilts

Most quilters are a prolific bunch when it comes to making quilts -- they rarely find a pattern they don't like. Well...not exactly true. But I do live by the mantra "So many patterns, so little time!" And then there is the question that my husband often asks, "When will you have enough fabric that you won't have to buy any more." Ha!! Hopefully, he will never see that day! So what does one do with all of those quilts. There are only so many friends and relatives in one's life. And it is just a shame to pile them in a closet and shut the door. Well, we are all in luck as there are a wide variety of ways to display quilts both large and small. Of course the first thought one has is to put a q

An Amazing Tool to Make Brilliant Stars

My guess is that most hobbyists, whether it be scrap booking, knitting, painting, sculpting, or woodworking, have tools and gadgets to make their craft easier, more efficient, and more fun. Quilters are certainly no exception. If you walk down the notion aisle of any quilt store, you will be amazed at how many different types of rulers, rotary cutters, and marking pens/pencils are available. I took inventory of the rulers that I presently have in my sewing room and counted fifteen. I regularly use four of them for measuring when I cut fabric with the rotary cutter. Two of the rulers are used when machine quilting on my long arm. One specialty ruler that I purchased several years upon the adv



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