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Legitimate Lists

To-do lists and daily goals keep me on track and productive. Without those I have a feeling that I would spend most days watching Netflix and doing puzzles on my iPad’s Jigsaw Puzzle app. And while that kind of relaxation sounds pretty appealing some days I think I like the feeling of accomplishing something even more. So now that it is the beginning of April - how did that happen? - it is time to check in on my UFO list that I compiled at the start of the year to see if I have checked anything off the list.

Of the six projects on my UFO list I was able to finish the Lion Abstractions quilt just in time for the arrival of our first granddaughter Ruby Grace. Now it hangs in her jungle-themed nursery in Minnesota. This was such a fun kit to construct and to quilt. The fact that I was making it for our sweet little Ruby made it just the best thing that I’ve ever done!

One project that I have enjoyed lately is making postcards. The last several years I have made them to send to customers at Christmas. Last spring I made some with Spring-colored fabric to send to my PEO sisters on May Day. This year I decided to make one as a Valentine’s Day card for my husband. I changed up my usual pattern by stitching various widths of strips diagonally and finishing it with an appliqued heart. It was so fun to make that I think some other family members may be getting one next year!

A project that I worked on but haven’t finished yet is Lindsay and Dustin’s wedding quilt. All of the blocks are finished - 145 in total - and I have sewn together eight of the 17 rows. The top actually goes together quite well as long as I nest the seams and line up the matching strips.

A new project that has been added to the list is a table runner for Melissa. She and Kevin bought a table for the entryway of their new house and the only thing missing is a quilt. She requested something that would blend with the colors of the Dream Big quilt that hangs in the nearby stairway. I searched for a pattern that was more modern than patchwork and was excited when I found one on Pinterest. I then searched my stash and found five different fabrics in purples and pinks that were Melissa-approved. A trip to the fabric store yielded the perfect background fabric. I have enlisted my mom to cut out and stitch the top together and I plan to do the quilting - that makes this a multi-generational project!

My final project was to make 64 prayer squares for my church Southwood Lutheran in Lincoln. They provide me with coordinating fabrics and small wooden crosses. I then cut out 3” squares and stitch them right sides together leaving a small opening in which to place the cross after the squares are turned right side out. After stitching the opening closed the square is ready for our church members to place in their pocket as a reminder to pray during the day.

In addition to working on my UFO list I have quilted 21 customer quilts and nine Quilts of Valor. Three of the customer quilts were constructed by me as well and five of them were custom quilted which is always more time consuming than doing an all-over pattern. So it has been a busy first quarter of the year - something I continue to be very grateful for. I hope you are finding something equally joyful to keep you busy!

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