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Worth the Wait, Part One

I started this English Paper-Piecing (EPP) quilt over five years ago when we decided to remodel our store room into my quilting studio. Since I thought that I would be without my sewing room for about six months I chose an EPP project since it uses a hand-stitching technique. Tom decided however that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for my mental health if I was without my sewing room for that long. So we just got rid of a lot of stuff and temporarily moved what would eventually go into the storeroom to other nooks and crannies in our house. As a result of that decision and a couple of other obstacles that led to a lack of motivation I didn’t get this quilt finished as quickly as I though

More Mesmerizing Memorabilia

A few weeks ago I did a blog on some of the most meaningful things that I have in my sewing room. Some of them are functional while others are simply great memories of past experiences. As I was taking pictures of the items for that blog I noticed so many more fun things that I have in my sewing room that make it such an inviting place to be every day. Coffee mugs - I am not a coffee drinker so I use these special mugs to store items such as fabric markers, pens and pencils, and erasers. I also have several that I just use as decoration. They have come from Irving Middle School, Dana College, St. Olaf College, as well as several quilt stores. Bulletin board - this is full of family pictures,

Transforming Tips and Tricks

I have been taking advantage of the extra time that I have had lately to try out some helpful tricks and make use of a couple of handy tools. I had seen a couple of these ideas on blogs and YouTube videos but up until recently had not taken the time to try them out to see if they would work for me. Well I have to say that each one has proven to be a game-changer! So the lesson learned here is to take the time to try out these fun ideas because they will most definitely save time and give you a better result in the end. The first trick I tried was to press my 1/4” seams open instead of my usual method of pressing to one side. It was right after I had mentioned in a blog that I NEVER press my



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