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Outside the Block, Part 2

Just in case you thought that all I did was spend time in my sewing room, I thought I would let you know about a few other things that I have been up to so far this year. The first major project is still on going but we have made major strides on remodeling our guest bathroom. Since our daughters have all moved out it was time to update the bathroom and give it a more adult look. My first job was to repaint. I chose a dark grey paint that matched a cool shower curtain that I purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It is actually the same one that my parents have in the guest bathroom at their new house. The colors are taupe, teal, and grey and just exactly what I wanted. Then we went to Consolida

The Surprising State of the UFO's

In January our elected government officials give a State of the Union or a State of the State address. I did the same by writing a State of the UFO’s blog. I found that I had seven projects that were not completed. I also vowed to not start any new projects until these seven were done. Since three months have past I thought it would be a good time to evaluate my progress and reflect on what I have been doing in the the sewing room since the beginning of the year. Last month I blogged about the final four Rows that I completed for my Row By Row 2016 quilt. Since I first bought sashing and border fabric for this quilt I changed the design so that the rows were offset rather than being all in a



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