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Five Tools to Transform Your Quilting Experience

Every great hobby deserves great tools to make the experience more efficient and more enjoyable. There are so many tools in the quilting/sewing world and it is sometimes difficult to decide which are worth spending your money on. All you need to do is walk down one aisle of a quilt/fabric shop to be completely overwhelmed. Besides the usual rulers, rotary cutters, and cutting mats, there are five special tools that I have found to be quite helpful. 1. I have a special cutting mat that is 12” x 12” and rotates. It comes in very handy when I have blocks that have two or more sides that need to be cut because I don't have to pick up the block and move it to cut another side. I just rotate the m

A Sensational Graduation Gift

I am a planner. My family knows that and at times is quite annoyed by this wonderful trait of mine. But I know that I am much more comfortable when I don't feel rushed or have to fly by the seat of my pants. This trait served me well when our daughters graduated from high school and I planned to make quilts for each of them. Since I wanted to make bed-size quilts that were quilted by hand, I knew I needed to start early. Now you might think that this was REALLY planning ahead, but when they were in their freshmen year of high school I had them pick out a pattern from the many magazines that I had collected over the years. I also had them go with me to the fabric shop to pick out material --



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